Mastering Your Inner Critic and 7 Other High Hurdles to Advancement
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It’s Time to Stop Questioning Yourself And Start Taking Control of Your Success

Gain the clarity you need to get more of what you want at work and in life.


Available as an eBook January 2019

Available as an eBook January 2019

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Yes, you can! The proven approach to uncovering and conquering those career-stalling inner-voices that say “You Can’t.”

This life-changing guide from Susan MacKenty Brady, founder of Linkage’s Women in Leadership Institute™, shows you how to confront the self-defeating messages of your Inner Critic and leap over the common hurdles women face on their journey of leadership advancement. If you want to achieve your career goals, you need to get over the hurdles you can’t change or control—and focus on the ones you can. The secret is recognizing which of the hurdles may be tripping you up:



How do you coach yourself out of your own harsh thinking to a place of compassion?


How do you become clear about your own deeply held beliefs that may no longer serve you?


How can you create a promising future in which you are intentional about your professional advancement?

proving your value

How can you stop doing so much?


How do you embrace your own strength, wisdom, and power?


How do you show up in a way that instills confidence in the areas you wish to be known for?


How do you ask for what you really want—even when it’s just for you?


How do you build stronger relationships that make you stronger, too?


Every one of has an Inner Critic—fueled by the simultaneous belief
that we are better than others and that we are less than others.

Could your Inner Critic be derailing you?

Take this short quiz and find out.

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What we love about this book is how practical it is. It’s not a vague theory for how to clear life’s hurdles; Brady is on the track with us, coaching us each step of the way.”

— Sheila Heen and Douglas Stone, co-authors of New York Times bestseller, Difficult Conversations


How The Best Women Leaders Practice Self-Awareness
to Change What Really Matters

Filled with inspiring anecdotes from accomplished women at various stages in their careers, as well as proven strategies any woman can use in the workplace, this unique and self-motivating guide helps you confront your inner critic, face your hurdles head on, and achieve the goals that really matter—to you.

Using wisdom from thousands of women and data from countless interviews, this book is like having your own personal coach—training and preparing you for the hurdles you face in daily life.


Available as an eBook January 2019

Available as an eBook January 2019

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Mastering Your Inner Critic and 7 Other High Hurdles to Advancement helps you engage in our world in a more satisfactory way while on a journey of self-discovery.


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